3.14.18 – I Am Grateful For

Mindful exercise for today/everyday: Say to yourself “I am grateful for [XYZ]” at least 3 times throughout your day and each time notice how your awareness and energy change. My favorite time to practice this is when I’m stuck in traffic or in the bathroom at work (tmi?). Here’s this morning’s example as I was stopped at a red light: “I am grateful for my vision to see all the beautiful things around me, my lungs to breathe in fresh air, and my clothes to keep me warm while my car takes time to heat up”. When you can set your mind to focus on the positive and present things, you will notice a shift in your mood and a feeling of ease as your worries of external factors and future events are quieted. I’m hitting the road this evening and can’t wait to practice this more and add to my list of things I’m grateful for; one of which is the love and support from all of you!