Hi, I’m Alisa. I am a self fulfillment mentor and experienced yoga teacher. I wholeheartedly believe my life’s purpose, my dharma, is to help people become confident and vulnerable with every part of themselves, particularly women who have sexual abuse trauma.

I am a sexual trauma survivor and it took me years to admit that. Although I have the most supportive family and friends a girl could ask for, I spent years in silence and in denial of my own trauma hoping for it to simply go away. The harder I wished it away and disassociated myself with my past, the more triggers I experienced. As years went on, I became known as a strong, driven, independent, alpha female. What people couldn’t see was that those came at a greater cost; an inability to ask for help or be emotionally available/vulnerable in a partnership and a heightened state of awareness/fear everywhere I went. So, after a failed long term relationship and while experiencing multiple triggers a day, I picked up yoga and began to learn about vulnerability and trauma and how to heal myself. I am now ready and eager to share with you the tools that have significantly changed my life.

Through my programs, I will give you the same tools that I use on a daily basis in my healing journey to continuously improve my state of living. I will show you that you are whole just as you are, you are stronger than before, and you are radiant. You are not defined by your past or what has happened to you. You are not damaged goods. You are a warrior, a goddess, a lotus flower, a phoenix. We will work together to transform your rugged denial, brutally strong walls, and personal armor into radiant and compassionate empowerment. You will own your trauma and story by utilizing transformative tools to guide you to a life filled with less triggers, vulnerability, and ultimate bliss.