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We invite you to join our 200hr yoga teacher training at the gorgeous Goddess Garden Resort.

It is designed to be all-encompassing, body positive, self empowered, and mental health conscious with an emphasis on teaching classes that students can continue to utilize off the mat for healing. Whether your intention is to deepen your practice or become a full-time teacher, our training is catered to serve you. Simply put: if you love yoga and have a desire for using it to radically transform your own and others’ lives, this training is for you.

Transformation comes from within and the ability to share the impacts of that change effectively requires knowledge and skill. So, we have designed this training to navigate you through a process of personal growth, self-discovery and leadership training, and also provide you with the highest professional standards of knowledge.

By the end of the training, you will have the tools to enrich yourself and your students not only physically, but also energetically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. You may find yourself called to teach in yoga studios or with a range of community groups (youth, trauma survivors, refugees, etc).

You will have the pleasure of doing all that while being immersed in a yoga lifestyle for 14 days in a Costa Rican rainforest. It is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your authentic self as you shed the roles, expectations, and limitations of your daily life while deepening your personal practice.

Most 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings help you practice, learn, and teach basic postures, breath work, and meditation. Our program will cover those topics, but our emphasis is about incorporating all 8 limbs of yoga into your life and classes. During your journey, you will learn the true essence of yoga by living the lifestyle and core teachings. You will get to know yourself on a deeper level reaffirming who you are and what you want from life. You will create strong, life-long, bonds with fellow students embarking on this journey with you. After completing the training, you will leave with a foundational yoga practice that will bring a lifetime of support to your body, mind, and soul.

Who Is The Training For?

This is a yoga teacher training designed specifically for those who are ready to transform themselves or those around them in an authentic and empowering way.

  • Devoted yoga students seeking to deepen their practice
  • Yoga students who have been moved by yoga and are ready to become a leader
  • Community and health professionals looking to integrate the practices of yoga in their work
  • Those with a desire to make a difference in the world and their own communities

Content Covered:

  • History & Origins of Yoga
  • Becoming a Powerful Teacher
  • 8-Limb Philosophy
  • Yoga Sutras
  • Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra
  • Chakras & Subtle Body Exploration
  • Physical Anatomy & Physiology – body diversity approach
  • Teaching Skills: Cuing, sequencing, observing, assisting, modifications, and tone
  • Exploring Learning/Teaching Styles
  • Trauma Informed Teaching
  • Ethics and Business of Yoga
  • Team Teaching and Assisting
  • Seva (selfless service) In Action
  • Personal Transformation and Leadership Skills

What Does Trauma-Informed Mean?

Statistics show that if you are teaching yoga, you will be teaching people who are survivors of trauma. Trauma-informed yoga acknowledges the neurological impacts of trauma (physical, emotional, psychological, complex), and the high instances of survivors experiencing a disconnection from their physical bodies. This approach to yoga is utilized to help survivors learn to make choices that begin to rebuild trust between body and mind. In the training, you will be given the tools to teach a variety of classes ranging from hot power vinyasa to a rejuvenating slow flow to a relaxing yoga nidra and all can be taught with a trauma-informed way.

Please note: this program does not qualify you to be a yoga therapist, or to offer trauma or movement therapy. It provides the foundational training to teach yoga with a trauma-informed and inclusive approach if you choose to pursue that teaching style.

Immersion Experience

The Goddess Garden is a yoga teacher training center and yoga retreat center in the astounding rain forests of Costa Rica. It is an intentional place for yoga, meditation and transformation in Costa Rica. This yoga teacher training and retreat center is located in the jungle, surrounded by massive trees, including The Tree of Life. Its roots, as tall as a man, leave you breathless and inspired knowing there is something bigger, just waiting to be discovered. The Goddess Garden Retreat’s spiritual center has two floors, where the view of the rainforest expands to almost 360 degrees. It is designed to put you in touch with nature during your yoga and meditation sessions. It is a truly amazing location.

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“This training changed my life! It was the kick start to live a life worth LIVING. It made me appreciate all the small things, helped me tap into my “truth”, identify where my integrity lies and so much more. Whether you’re wanting to become a teacher or just go on a beautiful transformational journey, this is the time to do it! JP will forever be a friend, guru and an inspiration to me. He is the most kind, compassionate, wise person I’ve ever met! His ways are subtle with intentional meaning, he truly cares, gives you that one on one time and wants to help you be your best self!”  – Pamela


“The teacher training journey, for me, was a very personal and special one. I did my research, but there was still an element of surprise with all the unknowns that come with an immersion.  I can rave and freak out about the beautiful sunsets, the food, the surroundings…but the truth is, after my time with JP and Alisa, I would follow them anywhere. The way they share their experiences and knowledge is surreal. Because I was so comfortable with my teachers, I was able to stay open-minded and grow in a way I never expected.  JP and Alisa’s integrated, hands-on approach allowed me to explore all styles of yoga, absorb the principles, as well as discover my individual gifts from the foundation they provided.  I am forever grateful for JP and Alisa, as well as the wisdom and life long connections I made from this teacher training.”  – Cassie


“This training was nothing less then magical. JP’s knowledge of yoga and Alisa’s passion for it seemed to fill every thought and question. Then add in the Goddess Garden, which quickly became my favorite place on this planet with it’s beauty and natural sounds. I couldn’t of found a better place or better people to do this training with, all I can say is love love love” -Nancy


“I’ve completed two of JP’s teacher trainings at The Goddess Garden, once as a student and once as a teaching assistant. Both experiences were different in their own way, but incredibly fulfilling and life changing. The material covered in the course is dense yet compelling, and not only instilled confidence in my ability to conduct a safe and effective yoga class, but also facilitated my own personal growth. JP possesses an immense knowledge and love for yoga. The way in which he teaches with such authentic compassion for his students is something I aspire towards as a teacher. The days of the training can get long and mentally testing, but JP always makes a point to check in with the energy of the group to ensure everyone is engaged and receptive. Group feedback and interaction is highly emphasized and encouraged, allowing every student to have equal input. The group team teaching and other activities allow every student an opportunity to build strong connections with their peers. The setting for this teacher training is everything you could ask for. If you were to picture the perfect Costa Rican yoga retreat, that would only be half of what the Goddess Garden has to offer. All of the rooms and facilities are clean and very well kept. The food is top notch, with creative vegetarian dishes that will have you looking forward to every meal. Marcelo, Jacqueline and their staff are always so welcoming and accommodating to everyone’s needs. All around the location is perfect- with an isolated rainforest feel, a quick walk to a secluded beach, and the adorable Caribbean town of Cahuita just a couple miles down the dirt road. The slightly bigger town of Puerto Viejo is only a 30-40 minute ride away and has plenty of great shopping and dinning if you find yourself with extra time after the training and want to explore. The trainings I attended at The Goddess Garden are experiences I cherish deeply and will remember for the rest of my life. The idyllic setting, along with fun and controlled leadership from JP, and positive camaraderie of the group make this growth in personal development a truly special and unforgettable experience.” – Dylan


“JP’s yoga teacher training is an experience of a lifetime. I wish that said enough, but it doesn’t.  You’ll learn more than you can imagine about every aspect of yoga! The question is, where to begin? I started my yoga teacher training, asking the my peers, “do you practice yoga often?” In reality, practicing yoga is SO MUCH MORE than just the physical and that’s what JP opened my eyes to. Yes, my physical practice grew dramatically. JP, “despite his boxy Shrek size” has a very strong physical practice and I LOVED taking his classes. But where I really grew, was my understanding of what Yoga actually is and it’s beautiful. It’s a way of life and I’d suggest it to anyone. The Goddess Garden is also an unbelievable experience in itself! You’ll be surrounded by howler monkeys, sloths, beautiful flowers, greenery and really good people.  If I could give a stronger recommendation, I would. If you’re considering taking a yoga teacher training class and this is an option, do not hesitate – Take it! You are not making a mistake.” – Keri


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