Sukha (sanskrit) – ease, happiness, bliss and good space
Somatics – the body as perceived from within by first-person perception.

Sukha Somatics is a new, all inclusive micro-studio in the Atwood Neighborhood serving as the central hub for healing trauma and establishing healthy coping skills in recovery. Some of the many offerings are: yoga therapy, ecotherapy modalities, animal therapy, sound healing, somatic movement, and guided meditations. Stop in for office hours if you are curios or sign up online for a class, workshop, or private healing session. ALL humans are welcome! You do not need to be in recovery to feel welcome here, we just ask that you respect this space as a place of healing for all. The vision is to incorporate healthy coping skills, all while reducing any stigma around trauma, addiction, and mental health… put simply, to have humans intermingle and support one another through our messiest chapters. So, let’s support one another through this ride in life. In this space, you are safe to cry, laugh, explore, connect, and learn.

Sexualization of people, demeaning comments, jokes about others’ mental health conditions, etc will not be tolerated in this space. All events, gatherings, etc will be sober.

I felt comfortable during my private session with Alisa from start to finish, and felt wonderful afterwards. You can tell that she truly cares about you as a student and takes a gentle and informative approach.

(private 1:1 client Review)

All Tellurian & 5 Door Recovery (previously Hope Haven) alumni & staff receive 50% off all offerings.

When signing up, use the code “RECOVERY” for one-time sign ups & “RECOVERYINVESTMENT” for class packs, monthly memberships, and private bundles to receive your discount.

Once you use these codes, pass them along to your peers in recovery. Let’s raise each other up and heal together.

Packages & Subscriptions

Gathering Membership
Includes: unlimited weekly classes (3-4 person capacity), bi-weekly master classes, monthly workshops (included or at a reduced membership rate)

Class Membership
Includes: unlimited weekly classes (3-4 person capacity)

Class Packs & Private Bundles
3 pack, 6 pack, 9 pack

“Having recently had knee replacement surgery I was more than a little nervous about mobility. Alisa was amazing she provided alternatives that were accessible while still challenging me to grow. Great experience!”

(private 1:1 client Review)


2453 Atwood Avenue St 103
Madison, Wisconsin, 53704