Below are my personal recommendations for products and services solely based on my experience with them (in no particular order). I created this list after several people asked me for self exploration books and ethical consumer products. I hope you enjoy them and check back here for updates as I continue to learn about new books and products.



  • Highest Self Podcast (Sahara Rose) my favorite commute podcast that provides quick, digestible ayurveda information
  • YogaLand (Andrea Ferretti) great for yoga teachers and students as she pairs her own learnings with her husbands and shares her observations and lessons.
  • Your Own Magic (Allie Michelle) visual approach of living your best life. Many guided meditations and self affirmations.
  • Chitheads (Embodied Philosophy) very deep and intellectual podcast if you’re looking to delve deeper into philosophy or history of yoga and spiritual leaders
  • AffirmationPod (Josie Ong)  quick positive affirmations to help start your day right or starting a meditation. Fulfillment all the way!

Inspiring People/Sites –

  • Katie Blair – authentic yogi and focused on self fulfillment
  • Krishna Das – insanely powerful Kundalini leader + sarcastic in his delivery
  • Ramm Das – (“Dying to Know” Netflix Documentary w/ Ramm Das and Timothy Leary)
  • Brene Brown – vulnerability life coach
  • Ruthie Goldman – local Madison yoga teacher and life coach that is raw and authentic + teaches from the heart and personal experiences
  • Louise Hay– daily affirmations

Consumer Brands