Weekly Class Schedule


9 am All Levels Yoga @ Goodman Community Center – $5 Drop-in
*Please read procedure below, mask required

7 pm All Levels Yoga @ Online – Sliding Scale
*Every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month


1:30 pm Healing Yoga @ 5 Door RecoveryPrivate

6 pm All Levels Yoga @ Online – Sliding Scale


7 am All Levels Yoga @ Online – Sliding Scale

6 pm All Levels Yoga @ Goodman Community Center – $5 Drop-in
*Please read procedure below, mask required


1:30 pm Healing Yoga @ 5 Door RecoveryPrivate

COVID-19 Procedure for Goodman Classes:
I’ve missed you! In-person classes are back and I care about your health and safety, so please please please read the protocols to make sure we can gather responsibly.

  1. Walk in and pay at the front desk while wearing a mask (masks are required to enter the building), take your temperature using a touch-less thermometer, and pay
  2. Walk outdoors if the weather is good or walk down the hall to the room with a mask on (feel free to use the restroom with your mask on)
  3. Set up your mat 6 ft apart from others. If indoors, your mask must stay on, if outdoors, it is your choice to keep your mask on.

What type of payment will be accepted?
Cards or cash. For cash, you will be asked to drop money into a bucket, so please bring exact change if possible.

Will there be props available? If so, how will they be sanitized?
Communal props will be properly sanitized between each class. A spray bottle and towels will be available for extra sanitization. We encourage you to bring your own props if sharing props is an issue.

  • Block = big mixing bowl, book, trash can, jenga box, etc.
  • Strap = dog leash, belt, scarf, long sleeve shirt, string, etc.
  • Blanket/mini bolster = towel, throw blanket, etc.

Will other people be allowed to roam freely while I’m in the building?
No. The doors will remain locked, except for a brief time prior to the class start time. Goodman is not allowing the general public into the building.

Class Descriptions

I am passionate about the healing and transformative power of yoga as a tool to help navigate through life’s journey. I celebrate simply showing up on your mat and I tap into whatever your needs are that day; whether it’s to hold space, go deep, be held, express laughter and light, or encourage emotional release. Yoga is a lifestyle that I wish to share with others, so I offer an array of opportunities to connect – including vinyasa movement, restorative grounding, rhythmic release dancing, dharma talks, trauma trainings, sacred circles, yoga activism discussions, and community service involvement. My hope is that the classes and gatherings serve as a tool to add to your toolbox on your healing journey, a healthy way to cope with life’s mysteries and challenges.

yoga props 2

All Levels Yoga – This yoga class is for all-levels, and is taught in a Vinyasa style (flowing from one posture to the next). I love collaborating with students when they walk in the door to curate a custom class that’s specific to the needs of everyone in the room. Based on the feedback in the room, the focus of the class can range from enhancing strength, flexibility, balance through dynamic sequences, or gently moving through a grounding sequence. in a supportive and safe environment. Regardless of the focus, modifications are always offered for poses, making it approachable for beginners and challenging for advanced yogis. The end of class is composed of restorative postures and guided meditations to prepare you for a peaceful savasana (8-10 minutes of rest).  There are a couple of extra mats if you want to try it out and don’t own one or are quickly coming from another obligation.


Rejuvenating Yoga  – This class is designed to empower you to try new postures that demand your mind and body to communicate to each other. The class will be a peak pose vinyasa class where you’ll learn how to warm up the body and prepare it for more challenging postures. You will be fully supported in your endeavor to try new things and the approach is compassionate and playful. Many modifications will be offered and you are welcome to join even if you’re just curious about poses but scared to try them out yourself. I invite you to discover what your amazing body is capable of doing.


Grounding Yoga – This class is designed to show you various methods of calming your nervous system down and is broken into two parts. First, there is a grounding yoga practice focused on releasing tension and soothing the breathe. After moving your body a bit, we will discuss and explore different self-soothing or positive coping methods that will help you off the mat (ie aromatherapy, sound healing, guided mediation, Ayurvedic healing, pranayama etc). This is a beautiful opportunity to discover healthy ways to heal trauma and soothe your mind and body, all while in the presence of a supportive community. *essential oils may be used in this class and hands-on assists are offered for those that would like to experience it (always optional).